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Russian Movie Club in USA

Dasha Vasiljeva Dama S Kogotkami Russia, 2004. Detective. Dasha Vasileva in the past was a modest French teacher, now she is an unemployed millionaire that continues to pursue her hobby of sleuthing. On a fine summer day, Dasha and her daughter Masha arrive at the Voysekhovskiis summer house to celebrate Dashas friends birthday. While at the dinner table, Larisas husbands mother-in-law reads out the will of her recently deceased husband. According to it, somewhere in the house a treasure is hidden and whoever finds it first gets to keep it. All the guests begin searching except for Dasha, after all, why should she want someone elses treasure? However, Dasha does find something to occupy herself with: that very same night the birthday girl herself, Larisa, dies. The result of the investigation deems the death to be an accident, but it all seems too suspicious to Dasha. No one can stop her quest for the truth, not Larisas husband who wants to keep the hidden past hidden, not the blackmailers threatening her family and not even the Voysekhovskii family ghost!

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Russian Movie Club in USA

Eulampia Romanova: Manicure for the Deceased Russia, 2003. Detective. These movies are served from PCDN! In the past, Eulampia Romanova was a wealthy, infantile, capricious lady who always relied on her husband in everything and finally was deceived by him. All of the sudden she faces real life, full of heroic efforts like cooking, doing dishes and grocery shopping. Having been always a fan of detective reading, she now discovers a talent and a taste for solving the most mysterious crimes in real life. The talented dilettante has a lot of cases of crime to solve and challenges of love to experience. Finally, life gave her a generous gift - her friend Katia. But Katia is kidnapped the next day after they met. It is Eulampia's duty to find her friend and bring her back to her family. But she does not realize what nightmare she is getting into.


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Palitron works in the area of Internet infrastructure. Our specialty is highly distributed networks for storage and delivery of heavy content like video or dynamic content like contextual advertising.

The banner at the bottom demonstrates three of our projects:

- ads are delivered via People's Direct Advertising Network;

- movies are delivered via People's Content Delivery Network;

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Our Team

We employ only top grade professionals. An average engineer would have a PhD in CS or Math and 15+ years of experience with all platforms and languages. That's a CTO level at most companies.

How do we manage to get such talent? Simple: we do not hire them, we co-opt them as partners.

When we need workforce for a routine job, we delegate to someone we find on the Web.

If you match the level and have a commercially viable idea that can be implemented on our distributed network, talk to us and join the team. You can keep your 9 to 5 job as many of us do - we are absolutely not interested in hours you put in.

Our Efficiency

Our organization is different from a regular Silicon Valley startup. We do not carry the burden of staff, office, or junior developers. We do not waste time in meetings - many of our partners have never met.

We do not have project teams and burden of knowledge propagation: project is implemented by a single partner, who asks others for specific help in their area of expertise.

All that makes us extremely efficient and allows to beat any competitor's prices.

Our development cycles are unbelievably short; for example, time to market of PCDN was under 3 months.