Russian Movie Club in USA

House of Fools Russia, 2002. Drama. This tragi-comedy is a good-hearted and touching story about people mentally ill, but reach in love. Somewhere in Chechnya there is an ordinary provincial mental clinic. The life of the patients is dull and depressing. One day, the doctor disappears and the patients are free to do whatever they want. However all of the sudden, the Chechen rebels take control of the hospital. The discipline in the clinic is restored, but the rebels have plans to turn Russia into the madhouse.

Russian Movie Club in USA

Don't Be Scared, I'm With You USSR, 1981. Comedy. These movies are served from PCDN! Musical comedy with the elements of eastern martial arts. The events of this film happen in Caucasia at the end of 19th century. The main characters of this film are circus entertainers Rustam and San Sanych who come to Rustams native land. Regardless of their will, they got involved in singer Teimurs and Teili, Farzali-beks daughters love affair. They assist them to cheat girls greedy father


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Palitron works in the area of Internet infrastructure. Our specialty is highly distributed networks for storage and delivery of heavy content like video or dynamic content like contextual advertising.

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We employ only top grade professionals. An average engineer would have a PhD in CS or Math and 15+ years of experience with all platforms and languages. That's a CTO level at most companies.

How do we manage to get such talent? Simple: we do not hire them, we co-opt them as partners.

When we need workforce for a routine job, we delegate to someone we find on the Web.

If you match the level and have a commercially viable idea that can be implemented on our distributed network, talk to us and join the team. You can keep your 9 to 5 job as many of us do - we are absolutely not interested in hours you put in.

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Our organization is different from a regular Silicon Valley startup. We do not carry the burden of staff, office, or junior developers. We do not waste time in meetings - many of our partners have never met.

We do not have project teams and burden of knowledge propagation: project is implemented by a single partner, who asks others for specific help in their area of expertise.

All that makes us extremely efficient and allows to beat any competitor's prices.

Our development cycles are unbelievably short; for example, time to market of PCDN was under 3 months.